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Graham Higgins

Graham Higgins

Graham is a creative producer and film-maker.

Farming Podcast: improving animal health and welfare on your farm  

In this episode of the Farming podcast, our lead for healthier animals, Martin Jenkins, talks to dairy farmer Karen Halton. They are joined by infectious disease expert and vet James Russell. They explain what to expect from the SFI annual health and welfare review,

A test and trials spotlight: Weald to Waves

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Thumbnail image showing a clip of a participant at a desk with a map

Farmers and land managers participating in Weald to Waves share their experiences of taking part in tests and trials. The test is part of a wider project, led by Knepp Estate, which aims to build a wildlife corridor stretching from Ashdown Forest to the Sussex coast. Along the way, they share with us how they brought together farmers on the route to develop group agreements, management plans and funding mechanisms for the corridor.

Farming Podcast: making SFI work on our upland beef and sheep farm

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In this episode of the Defra Farming podcast, regional engagement lead Michael Sturla talks to Robin and Christopher Milton. The father and son team farm beef and sheep on the Exmoor uplands and have a Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) agreement. They describe their experience applying for an agreement, the actions they're undertaking and the benefits.

Watch: future-proofing our farming business with SFI

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Mother and son team, Tracey and Will, run a dairy and beef farm in Langley Mill, Derbyshire. In this film, they talk through the SFI actions they’ve included in their agreement, including herbal leys in rotational pasture, hedgerows, soils, legume mix with grasses and pest management. They describe how SFI helps them to balance the books, take care of the environment and build the resilience of their farm business.

Watch Bodbury Farm: our experience accessing free business advice

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Sarah and Byron Odell stand in a field on their Shropshire pig farm

Through the Farming Resilience Fund, farmers and land managers who receive BPS payments can access free, independent business advice. In this film, we travel to Shropshire to meet rare breed pig farmers Sarah and Byron Odell. Together with their adviser Karen Fisher, they describe their business objectives and the advice they were given. 

Farming podcast: How to access free business advice through the Farming Resilience Fund

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graphic for Defra Farming podcast resilience fund episode

The Farming Resilience Fund provides business support to farmers and land managers in the first few years of adapting to agricultural transition. If you currently receive direct payments you can receive this support and it is free of charge. In this podcast, Defra's Andrew Powley talks to the NFU's Richard Wordsworth about this offer. They are joined by beef and sheep farmer Richard Findlay.

Watch: a test and trial update from Aqualate Mere

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A group of men discussing the Aqualate Mere

In this film, we return to Aqualate Mere in Staffordshire to learn more about the tests and trials experience of Aqualate Castle Holdings. Farmers in the catchment share what they learned about blending public and private finance for greater environmental good. They focused on commercial agreements between private organisations and local farmers.

Farming podcast: Learning more about SFI in 2023 with the NFU

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In this episode of the Farming podcast, Jonathan Marsden, Head of Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) talks to Claire Robinson, Senior Countryside Adviser for the National Farmers Union (NFU). The pair discuss what you need to know as a farmer to get ready for SFI this year.

'Nature can sit alongside agriculture': a Landscape Recovery project spotlight

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Still image taken from embedded video showing two people talking to camera.

The North Norfolk: Wilder, Wetter, Better for Nature project is part of the first round of  Landscape Recovery. Alongside sustainable food production, the project aims to create new habitats for nature, restore rivers and boost biodiversity on the Holkham Estate. We visited the team to see how the project will work in practice.

Watch: Trialling farmer-led land management plans at Aqualate Mere, Staffordshire

In this film, farmers from the Aqualate Mere catchment share their experiences of taking part in Tests and Trials. This test created a land management plan and worked to set priorities for the catchment, incorporating biodiversity, water quality and carbon sequestration.