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Animal Health and Welfare grants: apply now

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Two friendly cows

We recently blogged to introduce Animal Health and Welfare grants. These grants, of between £1,000 and £25,000, go towards the cost of items from a list which are designed to improve the health and welfare of your livestock. We're very pleased to say that the first window to apply is now open. In this post, we'll share more about the grant, why you might want to consider it and how to apply.

The Annual Health and Welfare Review: rolling out yearly vet visits

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Vet and farmer in conversation

At around this time last year, I wrote a post introducing the Animal Health and Welfare Pathway. I’m pleased to tell you that the first step on the Pathway, the SFI Annual Health and Welfare Review, is now ready to be rolled out. In this post, I'll explain how to register for a funded annual visit from your chosen vet or team of vets.

Large Research and Development Partnerships: further innovation funding available

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Montage of cows, hydroponics, sheep and vertical farming and cows

Later this month, the second round of the Large Research and Development Partnerships fund will open. From 20 February, agri-businesses, farmers, growers and foresters in England will be able to apply for a share of £8 million to improve productivity, sustainability and resilience. In this post, I’ll give an overview of the competition and details of events for you to find out more.

Regulation workshops: what we did next 

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We ran some co-design workshops in November with farmers and other experts to help us work out how the regulatory system needs to change. We shared the outputs of that work on the blog. After those workshops, we began planning the next phase of our co-design work on regulation. I’d like to share our progress in this post.