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Further funding to tackle endemic diseases

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A farmer and a vet in discussion lean on the railings of a pen.

By reducing the levels of endemic disease in livestock, we can increase productivity, support businesses and unlock wider benefits too — from reducing greenhouse gas emissions to slowing antimicrobial resistance. The very nature of endemic disease means it is an ongoing concern. Managing it requires the sustained effort of livestock keepers, the support of vets and money. In recognition of this, we are offering additional financial support.

Webinar follow up: livestock and grassland

We recently held a webinar for livestock and grassland farmers in England. In the webinar, we gave an overview of the Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) offer and how the scheme supports both productivity and the environment. We also covered the Animal Health and Welfare Pathway and the grants on offer through the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund. In this post, we summarise what we covered and include the recording and links for you to learn more.

Farming Podcast: improving animal health and welfare on your farm  

In this episode of the Farming podcast, our lead for healthier animals, Martin Jenkins, talks to dairy farmer Karen Halton. They are joined by infectious disease expert and vet James Russell. They explain what to expect from the SFI annual health and welfare review,

Spotlight on updates and additions to livestock and grassland offer

Over the past few weeks, we've summarised the updates to our environmental land management offer by farm type. These posts follow last month's Agricultural Transition Plan update. In this post, we’ll focus on the updated offer for livestock and grassland farmers. 

Farming Podcast: making SFI work on our upland beef and sheep farm

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In this episode of the Defra Farming podcast, regional engagement lead Michael Sturla talks to Robin and Christopher Milton. The father and son team farm beef and sheep on the Exmoor uplands and have a Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) agreement. They describe their experience applying for an agreement, the actions they're undertaking and the benefits.

Watch: future-proofing our farming business with SFI

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Mother and son team, Tracey and Will, run a dairy and beef farm in Langley Mill, Derbyshire. In this film, they talk through the SFI actions they’ve included in their agreement, including herbal leys in rotational pasture, hedgerows, soils, legume mix with grasses and pest management. They describe how SFI helps them to balance the books, take care of the environment and build the resilience of their farm business.

Slurry Infrastructure grant: last chance to apply

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Cows liking each other by a water trough in the sunshine

Round 2 of the Slurry Infrastructure grant will close for applications on Wednesday 17 January. We’re supporting many more projects than we did last year, so if you need slurry storage, now is the time to apply for a grant.  In this post, I’ll give you a recap of the grant and the information you need to get started.

Improving Farm Productivity grants: get ready for Round 2

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Solar panels on roof of a farm building in English farmland

In a few weeks’ time, you will once again have the opportunity to apply for an Improving Farm Productivity grant. The grant pays for capital items including robotic, automatic and solar equipment that improve farm and horticulture productivity. To help you prepare, we’ve published guidance on GOV.UK. In this post, I’ll share an overview of the grant, the changes we've made following Round 1 and link to the guidance.

Watch Bodbury Farm: our experience accessing free business advice

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Sarah and Byron Odell stand in a field on their Shropshire pig farm

Through the Farming Resilience Fund, farmers and land managers who receive BPS payments can access free, independent business advice. In this film, we travel to Shropshire to meet rare breed pig farmers Sarah and Byron Odell. Together with their adviser Karen Fisher, they describe their business objectives and the advice they were given.