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Further innovation grants coming soon 

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Bunches of carrots piled on top of each other

This month, we will open another round of the Small R&D Partnership Projects competition and, in September, another round of the Feasibility Studies competition will follow. In this post, I’ll give you a brief overview of the competitions. I'll also include links to guidance, share details of upcoming webinars and include dates to note. 

Introducing Animal Health and Welfare Infrastructure grants

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A sweet little calf looking at the camera with ear tag

In this post, we share the next steps of the Animal Health and Welfare Pathway. Through the first round of the Animal Health and Welfare Equipment and Technology grant, over £19 million will be awarded to more than 3,000 pig, cattle, poultry and sheep farmers. A new Animal Health and Welfare Infrastructure grant is also on the way: the Calf Housing for Health and Welfare grant.

Watch: How we put unproductive farmland to use

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In this film, farming facilitator Danny Teasdale took us to Strickley Farm in Cumbria, to meet dairy farmer James Robinson. Danny and James show us a piece of farmland that has always been unproductive and prone to flooding. James and Danny explain how they re-meandered the stream through the flooded area to create a natural habitat for wildlife that can also be used for grazing livestock.

More time to suggest productivity and slurry items

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Valley of Patterns and Textures in Devon

We recently asked you to help us shape the list of items under the Productivity and Slurry theme of the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund (FETF). The survey was due to close on 3 July. However, in response to requests to keep the survey open for a little longer, we’ve extended the deadline to midday, Wednesday 12 July.

How we're increasing productivity and enhancing nature on our farm

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Sheep inside a building with people talking in the background

In the latest in our series of films from the Lake District, we visit Miller Farming in Penruddock. Upland farmers, Garry and Hazel Miller, have sheep, cows, and free-range hens. They talk about how they’ve increased productivity and enhanced nature at the same time.

Improving and extending our offer for upland farmers

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It is our mission to create an offer that is workable for every farmer and farm type in England. Upland farmers are a crucial part of our rural communities, economies and landscapes – they are central to the production of high-quality food and other goods. In this post, we set out the offer for upland farmers and share the work we are doing to make sure that it is accessible, broad and rewarding, and that it helps us to achieve our ambitions for food production, productivity and the environment.

Help us to review productivity and slurry grant items 

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Flock of birds over Hele Payne Farm. Showing Raddon Hill in the background.

The Farming Equipment and Technology Fund supports the purchase of equipment, technology, and infrastructure designed to improve agricultural, horticultural and forestry productivity in a sustainable way.  Grants are offered towards the cost of specific items of equipment on a list.  We promised to review the list of productivity and slurry items and we'd like your help.

The Green Finance Strategy and Nature Markets Framework: what they mean for you

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English countryside

Alongside government funding, there are a range of private sector opportunities for farmers and land managers to access new income streams to invest in their holdings. We want farmers and land managers to be able to confidently and securely access payments from both the public and private sector for the environmental benefits they produce. Published today, the Nature Markets Framework and the new Green Finance Strategy set out how we will enable this.

Farming podcast: Next steps for environmental land management

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Episode 11 of the Defra Farming podcast. Defra payments lead Lisa Warne talks to father and son John and Charlie Renner

In this episode, Lisa Warne talks to John Renner and his son, Charlie. John farms on the border of the  Northumberland National Park between Berwick-upon-Tweed and Alnwick. Charlie is a farm business consultant and continues to help out on the farm. Lisa gives an update on the growth and rollout of our environmental land management schemes. John and Charlie talk about how the new farming payments fit in with the management of their farm. They had plenty of questions for Lisa about the new grants and actions.