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The Co-design Team

The Co-design Team coordinates our design and research work with farmers, land managers, the wider farming community and policy makers.

The team is responsible for making sure that people affected by our policies have a chance to share their thoughts and experiences. Co-design is undertaken number of ways: through workshops, research discussions, seminars and farmer-led discussion groups.

How we used co-design to create vet visits 

Farmers, vets, industry representatives, and colleagues in government are shaping the Animal Health and Welfare Pathway together. The first step of the pathway is the Annual Health and Welfare Review. In this post, we share how we used co-design to create the yearly vet visits. 

Co-design in 2022: reflections, plans and principles

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Three people in conversation at Dairy Day

More than 4,000 people from across the farming community in England are now working with us to design, pilot, test and trial new farming policies and schemes. In this post, we’ll explain how we’re working with the farming community. We'll also share the 7 co-design principles we’re encouraging groups to follow.