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Merrick Denton-Thompson

Merrick Denton-Thompson OBE, FLI

Merrick has worked in local government and the voluntary sector throughout his career.

Merrick served as president (2016 – 2018), Trustee and Fellow of the Landscape Institute.

He left local government as the Assistant Director of the Environment at Hampshire County Council where he was responsible for environmental policies in strategic planning, rural affairs and the countryside service.

Merrick was appointed to the Board of Natural England by the Secretary of State to assist in the development of the new government agency in 2006 - 2009.

He directed the Rural Pathfinder for the South East of England in 2006.

He was a member of the Cross-Compliance Board for the Single Farm Payment, representing Local Government.

Merrick was a member of the Agri-Environment Review Group which set up the Environmental and Countryside Stewardship Schemes under Jane Brown.
He is the founding Trustee of the Learning Through Landscapes Trust.

Merrick also holds an Hon Doctorate of Philosophy from the University of Gloucestershire.

Test and trials: Tackling climate change and extinction - the farm that’s showing the way

Cholderton is a 1000-hectare estate on the Hampshire/Wiltshire border. It participated in one of Defra's environmental land management test and trials to develop a model land management plan based on the exemplary principles adopted by the estate. In this guest post, Merrick Denton-Thompson shares his view.