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Esther Rosewarne

Esther Rosewarne

Esther Rosewarne is the Evidence Lead in the environmental land management tests and trials team.
The tests and trials team works with farmers and land managers on the delivery of tests and trials. Doing so provides us with the evidence we need to design and deliver policies that work.

What we’re learning about collaboration through tests and trials

Two people in conversation at an agricultural show

One goal of Defra’s Future Farming and Countryside Programme is to help farmers and land managers achieve bigger, better environmental benefits. There’s a lot that farmers can do individually on their own land, but there are often circumstances where it makes more sense for several people or businesses to join forces and collaborate on something that benefits all of them, as well as the environment. We want to encourage more collaboration like this.

Tests and trials: the latest evidence

We recently published the latest evidence report which pulls together our findings from tests and trials. The report gives an overview of everything we’ve learnt across our 78 tests and trials over the last 6 months. In this post, I’d like to share a summary.