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Cindy Hughes, Policy Lead, Defra

Cindy Hughes

Cindy is a policy lead in Defra’s Sustainable Farming Incentive team.

Her team is responsible for developing, testing and refining policy for the scheme roll out from 2022. This team works with the Sustainable Farming Incentive scheme pilot, tests and trials, and other parts of new environmental land management schemes

How the Sustainable Farming Incentive will develop

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Last week we published details on how the new Sustainable Future Incentive scheme will work in 2022. The Sustainable Farming Incentive in 2022 is very much a starting point. We are rolling out the scheme incrementally. We want to test, learn and improve as we go, and expand the scheme to fit the available budget each year. In this post, I'll give you an idea of how the scheme will expand over the next few years.