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Alasdair Moffett

Alasdair Moffett is a farm animal veterinarian, with a MSc in International Animal Health. He has worked in the Axe Catchment since 2013. He is the author of ‘Regenerative agriculture — the practices involved and its position within modern agricultural systems’.

Alasdair is keen to demonstrate that productive agriculture and nature can co-exist. Through the Upper Axe LR Project, he wants to inspire and educate current and future generations about where our food comes from, how we can look after our rivers and wider environment and prove that together, we can locally provide solutions to the global threat of climate change.

Restoring the River Axe: a Landscape Recovery spotlight

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Axe Landscape with two men in foreground with dog

In this guest post, vet Alasdair Moffett describes the work of the Upper Axe Landscape Recovery Project team. Their project aims to demonstrate that productive agriculture, the natural environment and a will to counter climate change can co-exist.